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Yarn Bombing

lauren schoenerComment

Last year I had the pleasure of creating 45 granny squares for a yarn bombing project in San Diego that coincided with the San Diego Comic Con. I loved making them, and though I could not view the installation myself, my roommate was there and took pictures for me. 

I've been thinking a lot about yarn bombing since then. And every time I see a new piece by Olek, I'm further inspired to put my creations out in the world in a more public manner. Though my difficulty has always been in deciding what to make, and where to put it. 

I never wanted to do anything very large. Just something small to brighten people's day. Just a little bit of happiness in this crazy life. So, starting Monday, March 10, I will be leaving one crocheted flower each day in a random place for a stranger to find. I will be posting photos of the project on my Instagram with the hashtag #floweraday. Follow along, or, if you're a crafter and want to contribute flowers to my endeavor, email me!