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WIP Wednesdays

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Hello lovelies!

Welcome to the newest feature on my blog: WIP Wednesdays. For those of you in the know, please ignore the next bit. For those of you who only look at this website because you're my family or friends, WIP stands for Work in Progress. So WIP Wednesdays will be where I share the projects I've currently got on the hook.

The reasons for this new feature are threefold. One: I hope that I can help inspire other crafters by showing what I'm working on. Two: I hope other crafters will post in the comments about what they're working on so I can gather some inspiration. And Three: I mean to use it to hold me accountable. Because if I post a project here and then it's still on my WIP the following week, I'll feel like I haven't accomplished much. (Unless it's a monster of a project, like the dress that won't go away. Which is a whole post in and of itself. Check back later this week as I delve into the insane process that's been!).

First up today, I'm working on turning this gold lace piece into a sheath dress or swimsuit cover.


This was the lacework before I started dress-ifying it. It was about 26 inches at it's widest parts, and it was meant to be a 12-sided piece, but I didn't work the original doily pattern to completion, so it ended up this weird not quite hexagon, not quite 12-sided shape. I didn't like it and wanted to make it something different.

This photo is a bit outdated, I'm actually nearly done with it. I had to frog 4 or 5 rows a few times over to make it fit right. The lace work is the only part of this I made using a pattern. The straps and back are all of my own invention. And let me tell you, it was a challenging but fun process trying to figure out how to pull it all together. Stay tuned for finished photos. Hopefully before next week's WIP Wednesday.

Also, I'm working on a bunch of smaller projects - mostly jewelry - because in about 5 weeks I'm partaking in my first ever craft show (!!!) and I want to have a decent amount of inventory on hand, ya know, in case my stuff happens to be wildly popular. Don't want to disappoint the customers. :) I'm also preparing for the show in other ways - buying displays, figuring out where to rent a table and folding chairs from, making price tags, getting my Square reader set up, etc.

So what are you working on this week, friends? It doesn't have to be craft-related either! We're all working towards things, so please share.