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Crafty Goals

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You ever have one of those days (or years) where you just don’t feel like doing anything at all? I’ve struggled with lack of motivation for what feels like forever. It’s so much easier to avoid doing things, ya know? Especially when also dealing with mild depression and anxiety.

But that’s caused me to accumulate this long list of goals that I haven’t actively been working towards. A list of things that, if I weren’t so unmotivated, and/or introverted, might be fairly easy to accomplish. I’m going to post part of that list here – these are just some of the goals I have that are related to my crafty endeavors. Maybe you folks, if anybody reads this, will help hold me accountable to this list.

They aren’t in any particular order; I’ve listed them as they’ve popped into my head over the past few months.

  • Teach crochet classes, preferably at 757 Makerspace’s studio space. *
  • Participate in a craft fair, flea market, or other such art show
  • Increase sales via / Etsy shop
  • Have a popup shop in Norfolk, maybe shared with other independent creators
  • Create a yarn bomb on a larger scale than I’ve done in the past
  • Make a vlog about my crafting failures, because people usually only post their successes and it’s kind of intimidating to see people make such lovely things without seeing their trial/error process
  • Organize a Night Market in Norfolk

Of course, these are the broad goals. I’m working on breaking them down into smaller bits so they don’t seem so daunting.

What goals have you set for yourself? How have you struggled with them? Do you have any advice or tips on helping me accomplish any of my goals? Leave a comment!

*I’ve already taken small steps to make this one happen. Keep an eye out for updates, I guess.